Things by Neo - Jesus-Christ
'We are here!'

'We are here!'

It is in every movie

To show the people how hard they believed nobody would ever understand there are the demons, knowing they are, and having fun seeing you not guessing. You just see by how a demon (any black) appears in this scene, disguised has a Santa's helper. "Yoo-hoo, we are here!"

They will pass for faggots forever. Everybody will see it now. All blacks are homos basically. They fell. Inferior creature. Who does that, seriously? THE DEMONS MUST DIE FOR THE GOOD OF MANKIND. Their DNA stinks as well. They are made out of shit, literally. It is that fluid you feel around them, not only the smell. It is what comes with the sin extreme they always played to commit for it. They can play pussies now. They are. Allow none on cams, even less hosting the news. Cut that bullshit. Let no black talk on TV ever again.

I tell you the things frankly, and you said the same about me, but in secret...
Sue me if you can, faggets.