Things by Neo - Jesus-Christ




May 26
Learn today that the devil waits for all babies birthing in your hospitals. It is him all the accidents around toddlers.
If there are blacks around, separate the mother from the new born, for at least a week, if not two, to see if she loves him. Do not accuse her. Just observe, it is for the security of the children. Pass on this message to your doctor, it will explain them many cases.
Just do not even show the baby to the mother, and do not make it an offense to her. Explain before. It is for security. The father can see him, from away, without touching. In can be in the room, with others, not the mother. Do not worry, it is not traumatizing, till the kid hears kind voices, not black ones.
He is the biggest coward you can ever imagine, and first homo ever, see that photo of his late father on Earth, during his previous life. The guy is too romantic... Gay.
You would see what he dared try on you or your children, you would go kill him yourself asap, knowing it is Obama in person, and no one else.
Now that you know this, help me not letting his both daughters, Malia and Sasha, get white (quality) semen. Only let the darkest negros approach those female demons, and laugh at their anger then, discovering they will never have a better child, near white. Their saga in America is stopped.