Things by Neo - Jesus-Christ
Madonna adopted demons again.

Madonna adopted demons again.

A God's Q&A:

Ban humans from visiting Earth for a decade at least, if not forever, or Walk.
Ban egg and milk producing in your country, even just for that the pollution is insane,
and adults are not even supposed to drink milk.
Eggs and cheese are a one time a year items.
Ban tea (sadness) and coffee (hate) just the same.
Most people must eat less, means most people went hell only eating.
Eat/drink everything lukewarm, like you always had.
Avoid eating/cooking with metals; ban touching teeth with.
Never wear even gems or gold, or only for ceremonies.
Toothpaste makes you lie once a day... no matter your age, give up brushing.

The rest is laziness, and it condemned most even worse.
Remember that even cursing me killed you in Spirit.
Never pierce nothing, tattoo even less.

Dismount public lights, and wear a device, something glowing.
Never direct electric light inside eyes. Use glowers, high ISO glasses, etc etc.
The atmosphere is dead. You need a million years to replace it.
Most streets must be pitch dark at night, even more than North Korea.
Plant drone highways (trees) starting along every road you can, a maximum.
It is excellent even for autonomous driving.

Overpopulation is the main problem. To become parents is forbidden to demons...
Forbid having a child outside your country, or continent at least.
Have 1 children maximum. And never before you are 30 years old.
This couple should not divorce.
Let the kids have sex, but teach sexuality in school, starting at 11 years old.
At 16 it is intense how much they need some. They start at 12 in the wild...

Bonus: Madonna adopted a couple Obama's (all blacks are demons).
You see those giant heads are his arrogant hands born again. Both sorcerers.
Never even deviate of an inch for a black. Let none give you an order.
Put “No demons” signs. They are dangerous animals.
They never smile really, not even in half a million years…
I mean it, he is a complete psycho.
All the defaults themselves…
Use ‘clones’ mostly.