Things by Neo - Jesus-Christ
Blacks are the demons, even in you.

Blacks are the demons, even in you.

Cowboys & aliens, or Star Wars, even the Matrix or Unbreakable, they are the demons in every scenario. You had just never saw it before.

Once Neo dead, in the Matrix movie, Morpheus stays as King of Zion. He is the hero. He fucked Neo. The hardest was not be killed by him.

Morpheus is a body for the machine, and the machine is Obama/Satan. See the picture. See the hair/spikes, like any African, and electricity all over it, running out like any psycho.

The face of this machine is even made out of tiny black robots. His clones, in mini, including in Star Wars. But, consider the perfect spy he was, annihilated by me. See them losing control now this Summer; any black, like he wants sex especially with your girl. Never hire/give a cent to a black, or he will sex with any white woman he wants to. Consider the Christian couple dead. I am leaving you forever.

See you in Heaven if you are Worth.